Upon purchasing a Dumb Fucks sticker, an additional one will be sent to the White House. Make sure to select "protest" in the options menu and to write in your mailing address for the sticker to be sent. The project is dependant on a multitude off individual participation.


Dumb Fucks is a protest project active for the duration of President Trump's leadership. The sticker is modeled after the Trump/Pence campaign logo, and signifies opposition to the entire administration, not just the president--a role which often simply serves as an American door greeter. Through this project, I want not simply to protest, but feed off the conversation about techniques of nonviolent protest that goes beyond street marches, and to become mindful of the desired end of protest. Throughout the project I will change what happens upon purchase of the stickers, from sending ones to the White House, to giving the profits to institutions that are at a disadvantage under the administration.

Dumb Fucks